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Where the Readers Are…

Marketing books is full of all kinds of small, tactical errors, especially when doing it on your own.

This, however, may be the worst…

For months, I’ve been banging my head, like many Questers have undoubtedly have done. And then the lightbulb comes on.

I’ve been doing it all wrong! Most of the places that I’ve been plugging both Dilemma and Flagrant Foul are decidedly not anywhere near my demographic, and therefore probably about as likely to read these books as I am to go to a Billy Ray Cyrus concert.

So, where are these people that I seek?

Well, I found a couple of answers: Goodreads and Shelfari.

First, there’s Goodreads. Not only can users come together and talk about popular books, authors can join in the conversation! All it takes to create an author account is to search for books, click on the author name and submit a form, explain which books you’ve written. Once you get confirmation, you’re ready to go!

Shelfari, which is now owned by Amazon, has a similar set-up. The only difference, at a glance, is that Shelfari does not have the author account application that Goodreads does. No matter. As long as you have your book on Amazon, just add it to your profile and share!

That said, I’m on both, here and here. Feel free to add me as a friend. And even better, drop in some reviews!

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