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Need Help? Just Ask…

Like all things, book marketing takes work, planning, and a little bit of luck doesn’t hurt.

Also, relying on the kindness of your fellow writers is a good plan as well.

All you have to do is ask…

This has worked for me in a number of instances. For those Questers who have been reading for a while, you’ve no doubt read up on my appearance on book review sites, like Shannon Yarbrough’s Lulu Book Review and Metha Metharom’s Book Review site. Plus, you’ll recall my appearance on Pete Klein’s BlogTalkRadio show, plus my interview.

How did that all happen? Just by asking.

Understand, of course, that not all requests will be granted or even heard, for that matter. It’s a crap-shoot, to be sure. And I’ve had my fair share of rejection, though, as Questers who have certainly tried to gain the attention of agents and publishers alike, you know that rejection’s an occupational hazard.

But even if you don’t get everyone to say yes, just a couple can go a long way for you to accomplish your goal!

And it keeps on coming.

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