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Identity Crisis

For about the last eight months of so, I have been trying to figure out the best ways to market the Stories from the Forester, particularly the completed Flagrant Foul, online. And yet, I have come to it with very little success (i.e. Zero sales in any format).

So, while I’m in back-to-the-drawing board mode. It makes sense, since the entire series is, at the present, incomplete, with the second story in Volume I, Unwritten, still in the works.

Even with that, Flagrant Foul still is available and is now on Amazon. I’ve given thought to abandoning the series, but that makes no sense whatsoever. The groundwork has already been laid. To quit now would be, at the least, lazy, and, at most, defeatist. And I don’t like to lose.

However, the issue I have with Flagrant Foul that has dogged me since I finished it is one of identity…

What is it?

I can say for sure that Flagrant Foul is, first and foremost, NOT a sports book. However, that has not prevented a number of potential readers and even reviewers from making at assumption, and therefore not taking a look.

Thankfully, once more parts of the series are released, readers and reviewers alike will see the whole picture. Understandably, it’s not helpful that I finished Flagrant Foul first. Of course, I hadn’t intended for it to mutate into the series of stories as it has.

But then, I get past that, the issue of genre comes up. Who am I targetting?

In an ideal world, the obvious demographic would be the same demographic as the characters – college-aged. But does it mean these are young adult books? Looking around, the bulk of the YA titles I’ve seen are set in high school and seem to cater to a much younger crowd.

I guess what I’m saying is that I’m clearly in need of some help. If you’re someone who’s written or reviewed books like this or, even better, someone who’s a YA book reader, drop me a line at No advice will be turned down!

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