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The Long Road Back

Can I explain why I’ve been gone so long?

Well, there’s not real explanation, likely a combination of the holidays and non-writing distractions that have hampered my ability to get my butt back on here and post something on a regular basis (and I was doing so well!).

In my semi-absence, unfortunately, I have found that the news on my site has become overrun with spammers. Oh joy. Plus, I keep getting nagging e-mail form responses from presumably same spammers.

So, I guess it’s time for a reboot, huh?

First, The news on the front is gone. In its place will be the Quest for an ISBN RSS feed. You’re more interested in that anyway.

Second, keep moving on with the story. In this case, the story is Unwritten, which has been living up to its name, hasn’t it?

Finally, try way better to keep the Quest updated. Sure, I haven’t sold one book. But that’s not to mean it’s time to stop trying!

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