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A Long Overdue E-Book Introduction

It had to be done…

Months after I converted Dilemma into an e-Book, thanks to the folks at Mobipocket, and after months of struggling to figure out why it was a good idea to hold off for so long, I finally made the right move and put Flagrant Foul into the same format.

We all know what this means, of course. Within the next week or so, Flagrant Foul should grace the pages of Amazon finally as an e-book for the ever-popular Kindle device.

If, as you’re reading, you think that I’m touting Kindle to be the iPod for books, well, you’re probably right.

Of course, I own neither a Kindle nor an iPod. But hey, I don’t begrudge those of you out there that do!

So, if you’ve got a Kindle and have some extra cash, give this book a shot!

And for those that don’t, it is still available in paperback at Lulu…

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