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After All That???

Now that it’s the beginning of August, I must take personal stock in how the Quest is going.

Um, not so good…

Sales so far:

Flagrant Foul (from 0
Dilemma (from 0
Dilemma (from Mobipocket/Amazon): 0
Average daily hits on (Main site, not the Quest): 1.17

So, I take this to mean one of three things. Either…

A. I’m not applying myself.
B. My books really are crap.
C. This is a tough, tough racket to break into.

For the time being, I’m going to choose Answer C, and press on. And instead of moping, I’m going to just turn it over to you guys. How has your Quest been going? What’s your experience been like so far. I’ve got a couple of different Quest reports posted already. Come join in! I know I’m not the only one!

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  1. Bob – You’re great! But I think you have to imagine your answer to be a little of both A and C. When it comes to self-marketing, there’s no such thing as “too much” but there’s plenty of “never enough.”

    Keep at it! Before you know it those zeros will be together in a line with another number in front of them. Maybe with some commas thrown in.

  2. I agree with michael r. Self promotion is where it’s at and you really have to do a lot of it.

    Have you tried (worldwide alliance of writers)? for $80 you get 5 books printed and listed on their site. Its new so there isn’t much there yet. But nothing like being an early adopter.
    Good luck…

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