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So, I Used to be Good at Deadlines…

About a two months ago, I thought that it would be a good idea to set a publishing date for Stories from the Forester: Volume 1. I figured, hey, it’d be a great 1000th Twitter post, and it would be the right motivation to get the second story, Unwritten, finished.

Here we are, though, April 24th, and I’m no closer to being finished that I was when I made that announcement.

Sure, I might be able to get it written, edited and formatted for public consumption by that time. But, really, who are we fooling?

Besides, it’s not like Flagrant Foul is flying off the shelves. In fact, the only person who’s actually bought that book is ME!

So, I suppose it’s one of those cases where I have to ask, “If a tree falls in the woods and nobody’s there, would it make a sound?”

I’d ask for some motivation, but that generally goes unanswered as well.

Yes, it’s been that kind of 2009…

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