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The Kindle iPhone App – Yes, Virginia. There IS Santa Claus!

Dear Apple,

But I didn’t get you anything!


Bob McDonald

For some time now, I have written about the emergence of the Amazon Kindle (and now its subsequent upgrade) and how my target demographic wouldn’t exactly plunk down the $359 for one when there are cooler gadgets like, say, the iPhone, for their enjoyment.

Well, apparently Christmas has come early. Amazon has released a Kindle app for the iPhone!

So, what does that mean for the Quest? A great deal, I hope!

First of all, like the throngs of music downloads that undoubtedly populate people’s iPhone, so, too perhaps, they can add some e-books, like, oh, I don’t know, Dilemma, which is now on sale for 99 cents?

I have noticed that iTunes hasn’t gotten to the point where they’re selling e-books outright. But, of course, when they do, you know I’ll be there!

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