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Putting the Q! in Quest (aka the Australia Experience)

Make a mental note – The Aussies are your friends.

During the brief time on this Quest, I have found a surprising section of folks Down Under who, like me, are fellow Questers and are willing to help out writers get the word out.

First, there’s Metha Metharom. The Brisbane native and author of numerous books in his own right, has set up both an Author’s Spotlight and a Book Review blog. I have been fortunate to be featured in both, though I blame myself for the 3-star review of Flagrant Foul. Rule No. 1, folks: ALWAYS give the reviewer a full copy of your book!

And from the Victoria province, there’s Kevin Balshaw. Talk about someone who’s been busy. For proof, just go to his Q!2write Web site. Not only are there a ton of resources for the up and coming writer, there’s a showcase of books and writer bios! Plus, I’ve been promised that there will be more to come in the near future.

I expect plenty more from this part of the world as time progresses!

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