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Then Again… Maybe Not!

I finally received my proof copy of Dilemma in the mail. From a self-publishing standpoint, it’s good, because you have final say on what becomes public…

Then I looked at it…

…and looked at it…

…and looked at it…

Then I begin to wonder…

Is this really worth $14.50?

Realistically, I like the story and all, but the retail mark-up for this short a book is killer!

Not that I blame Lulu, really. Pocket books, of course, aren’t really that big a revenue generator for anyone!

And as I’ve already mentioned, Dilemma was to be just one of two stories in Volume 1 of the Stories of the Forester.

That’s not to say that I’ll be taking Dilemma off the shelves. Once I approve it, it’ll be available everywhere!

All I’m saying is, erm, download the e-book, either through Lulu or as an Amazon Kindle book. It’s way cheaper!

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