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A Sign of Summer – Flagrant Foul Book Promotion!

You thought I gave up, didn’t you?

Of course not. After all, we are talking about Flagrant Foul

And, as such, in what seems to be the Promotion That Never Ends, it is, like it was last summer, time to start getting out there and putting the word out. This, of course, is the eternal drawback of a book that’s not only self-published, but evidently non-selling.

Perhaps a discount can entice you?

How about 10 percent? You’ll get it if you buy Flagrant Foul now and use the discount code JULYCONTEST10 at checkout.

Oh, and, of course, all reviews are graciously accepted, which, you can add on the book site.

And no, all proceeds will not go to me. All proceeds will go towards Lulu’s Expanded Distribution package, a $49.95 value. Evidently, I’ll be needing that to get Flagrant Foul added to the Indiebound, Barnes & Noble, Borders and Books-A-Million databases. That might help me a bit.

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