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An Old Friend’s New Project

I known Eddy Webb since my days at the old Hawthorne Academy, the school for gifted kids in Lorain, and we were good friend over the years. He’s the one who got me into role-playing games (Pre-World of Warcraft, pre-computer, actually!), and we shared a great interest in technology.

Then, like most of my childhood friendships, after I went to college, we parted ways and lost touch with each other.

However, about a year ago, I came across some offerings by White Wolf on Lulu, and sure enough, the man behind their efforts? Eddy. So, I decided to drop him a line. And since it’s been a while, I had to let him know I wasn’t this crazy random person.

In any event, it seems that we both share another interest – writing, though I know Eddy definitely had a head-start on me. And it shows with his newest effort, and I think it’s going to be a intriguing marriage of fiction writing and social media.

The Whitechapel Project, as it’s been called, is a serialized horror novella slated to begin on August 5th. Not only will it feature regular updates to the fiction text, Eddy plans to also release each episode as a podcast. What’s more, he’ll get public opinion on how the story should proceed.

While serialized fiction is as old as the medium itself, The Whitechapel Project is probably the most ambitious and innovative idea I’ve seen in quite a long time. So, with that, I wish my old friend Eddy Webb luck and will definitely be one of those tuned in for each episode!

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  1. Wow. That’s very awesome and humbling, Bob — thank you so much for this post! I’m hoping you’ll following along with Whitechapel, and when I get some spare cash, I’ll pick up your novel as well. 🙂

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