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The Quest Is Dead…Sort Of…

They say a good blog can serve as a good marketing tool…

Yes, I suppose I have really messed that one up.

A great deal has stayed the same since the last Quest post, including zero book sales, little progress on the book-writing front and, of course, not many people really noticing.

So, this must be why people subject themselves to the humiliation of being rejected by dozens of literary agents and publishers. Because getting the word out is tough!

This is especially true when there are other things that are more important, like actually writing or the overbearing need to eat.

You know, trivial stuff.

And then, of course, comes the news that has done away with the Published By You package, where I would have been able to snap up an ISBN of my own. They’ve replaced it with two distribution packages that I couldn’t explain if I lived to be 100.

Normally, this wouldn’t have bothered me, seeing as how Stories from the Forester: Volume 1 isn’t anywhere near close to publishing stage. However, this does leave Flagrant Foul in a serious state of limbo. Sure, you can still buy it at Amazon (Don’t know why I pointed that out. If you haven’t bought it yet, I’m doubting you’re opening up the wallets now!). But it leaves far too many questions marks, namely the actual process of purchasing their GlobalReach package in the event I choose to do so (Which, after scanning through the site, I see no real help for Published by Lulu customers to do that!).

It’s been a big enough pain in the ass to come up with idea for writing that clearly nobody’s interested in. But to take the one thing that was quite simple and complicate it unnecessarily? Yes, this will truly inspire people to self-publish in the future.

Make no mistake, I’ll never stop writing. But this Quest? It’s dead.

For the two of three people who truly care, fear not. This blog may be getting dumped, but I’ve always got other things up my sleeve. Like a phoenix, something new shall rise from the ashes…

Or perhaps something old…

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