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The Quest Has Ended…For Now…

After careful deliberation, I finally took the plunge and got the Published by Lulu distribution package for Flagrant Foul. As always, I wonder why I take so long to do what’s right in front of me.

So, if you visit, you can get a copy of Flagrant Foul for $25.99, plus shipping. However, if you visit the Stories from the Forester site,, you can buy a copy for $19.99, with free shipping!

What does this all mean? Will this spell the end of Quest for an ISBN? Not really. After all, there are other Quests to be had. Not to mention, if I’m going to get anyone to buy this edition of Flagrant Foul, I’m going to have to market the hell out of it! And for free! No easy feat, especially in these economic times.

We’ll be seeing you on the blog tour circuit, and best you believe with basketball season here, it’s a good time for it!

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