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Someone Else’s Quest

Since I’ve started my Quest, I thought I’d share the story of another writer who’s documented their own Quest. Shannon Yarbrough, the author of The Other Side of What and, most recently, Stealing Wishes, created the POD Diary for Stealing Wishes. For anyone who plans to go on their own Quest, it’s certainly worth a read.

Incidentally, Shannon also runs the Lulu Book Review, which features reviews of self-published books, including, I’m happy to say, Flagrant Foul. Plus, there’s plenty of news about self-publishing as well. All in all, it’s a great resource!

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  1. Yo, Bob! You are too kind! Thanks for the nice words. How is your book doing? I have to admit I really enjoyed it. You should be very proud! Again, congratulations on your work! Keep in touch.


  2. Thanks for stopping by! It’s been a REALLY slow go of it. Apparently there’s this flap about getting the whole sports thing. But I’m sure there will be more folks like you who can get past that and enjoy the books.

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