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Taking a Step Back

Well, let’s go ahead and chalk that up to a failed experiment.

It turns out that instead of spurring my creativity by setting a release date for Stories from the Forester: Volume 1, it apparently drove my writer’s block to the point where I wasn’t even adding blog posts on a regular basis…anywhere!

Well, hopefully, this wave has stopped. I have been adding blog posts for the TOG Solutions site. And with the recent release of the Welcome to Social Media ebook for Social Media Club Cleveland, I think I’m getting out of this non-writing funk.

But it’s obvious that Volume 1 won’t be coming out on July 25th. Let’s just consider it an open-ended.

In the meantime, while I try to figure out how to get back on track with Unwritten, I’m taking a look at some of my other ongoing writing. As the saying goes, you always seem to find something when you stop looking for it.

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