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So THAT’s What #ASMSG Stands For!

Things have really changed in the six years since publishing Flagrant Foul. The social media landscape is definitely on the top of that list.

In its infancy, authors and social media was, to be blunt, pretty thin. Twitter, my preferred platform, was in its infancy, there there was nobody signed up yet. LinkedIn, my other favorite, was well-established, but, as it turned out, not even close to targeting the audience I was seeking.

Over the last couple of weeks, though, I’ve been seeing this hashtag #ASMSG from some of the author I follow on Twitter. Being uncharacteristically slow on the uptake, I just stared at the hash in a confused fashion.

Then I decided to get with the program and get some information about what this was all about. It turns out that in 2013, #ASMSG was born, short for Authors Social Media Support Group. From what I gathered, the group started on Weebly and eventually moved to its own domain later on. Both sites are still up, though I’m sorry I missed the opportunity to join as a member. It’s the price of being late to the game.

Regardless, as an author who has spent years trying to get a grasp on social media as it relates to promoting my work, I am glad to see this trend come to pass. Hopefully it will benefit not only me but the countless other authors on Twitter, Facebook and other platforms reach a wider audience as well.

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