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So That Cleveland State Column of Mine Moved (Among Other Things)…

Things on the Internet move pretty fast. One day, you’ve established a niche on a sports blog, and the next, you’ve moved on to somewhere else.

As I talked about in my last post, I have been writing a column about Cleveland State athletics for More Than a Fan: Cleveland since 2014. Through a convergence of a number of different circumstances, not the least of which being that the site shuttering and changing hands, I found myself in the midst of looking for a new home.

However, the search didn’t take very long at all. In fact, my new home was right under my nose the whole time.

So, it’s with great pleasure that I can announce that my new home will be at Campus Pressbox.

As you can guess, Campus Pressbox focuses primarily on college sports. Originally started as College Football Roundtable, the site is branching out beyond football and is developing more content for college basketball.

This is where I come in.

While still writing for MTAF: Cleveland, I started a podcast called the HoriZone Roundtable, which I co-host with Jimmy Lemke of the Wisconsin-Milwaukee fan site PantherU to discuss topics related to the Horizon League. The podcast is hosted by, a site owned by Damien Bowman, the Executive Editor of Campus Pressbox and a former MTAF colleague.

One day at the beginning February, we got into a discussion about his site’s college basketball coverage and what direction he wanted to go with it, and that’s when I set things in motion to make my move. You see, not only will I be moving my Cleveland State column over, I will also be the Senior Editor in charge of all things basketball for the site.

Sure, the timing of kind of odd, seeing as how the college basketball season is winding up. But, we still have the NCAA Tournament, and that’s definitely a part of what Campus Pressbox is doing in March. And there will be plenty to talk about in the off-season, with recruiting, coaching changes and schedules.

Moreover, my primary focus will be on mid-majors schools and conferences. Sure, Campus Pressbox will cover the high majors as well, but my goal, really, is to shed a light on those smaller teams and leagues that may not be getting the attention. In a sense, I want to do what I’ve done at MTAF: Cleveland with Cleveland State, only on a much bigger scale.

So, if you’re interested in joining me on this journey, I want to hear from you! Drop me an e-mail at and let me know what you want to write about.

And yes, I’ll have an update on where I’m at with The Gray Summer very, very soon…

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  1. Cleveland and Cleveland State Basketball needs you writing about the program, good or bad, on a regular basis! If the Cavs can win a title, CSU can win one day in the Horizon and make the NCAA dance! Wish you the best in all your new endeavors!

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