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Sites to Swear By

Like any aspiring author, I know now that it takes a lot of work beyond writing to make the best decision on how to best make my writing available to as many people as possible. However, when the Quest started back when I originally finished Flagrant Foul, my haste proved to be my ultimate undoing.

Since then, I’ve come across some very valuable resources for my fellow Questers out there.

The Publishing Game – A friend of mine, noted poet and author Anthony “Da Boogieman” Rucker (whose current book, The Relationship Cookbook, is now on sale!), told me about this series by Fern Reiss. Not only are the books packed with infomation (I own Find and Agent and Publish a Book. Still working on getting Creating a Bestseller), the Web site, plus the Writing and Publishing group on Facebook are updated regularly with the latest news and updates.

LinkedIn – In a former life, this site saved my bacon on more than one occasion. But there’s more to the premier business networking site than just connecting to as many people as you can. The Answers section is what’s been most helpful to me during the Quest. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Preditors and Editors – If you think that the publisher or the agent you’re working with is shady? Here’s at least one place to find out! Over the years, I’ve found it to be the most honest source of information about the book market.

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