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No Replies – The Beginning

I locked my Twitter account back in November, then in December, I sent one last post telling my followers that I was done tweeting, moved over to Mastodon, and that they would be better off unfollowing me.

Yet somehow, as of this writing, I still have 1,008 followers. I’d bet that there are some (Hi, Jess!) who think I’m somehow going to come back and start tweeting again. I must have not made it clear enough in my December post, just about everything that I’ve tweeted up until November was a compulsive quote-tweet or ragging on the clown who used to be in charge of the Ohio Democratic Party, David Pepper.

And while I haven’t seen any of his recent drivel, I’m sure he’s still clown shoes.

Anyway, since my Twitter followers are either a captive audience for me or, most likely, people who didn’t pay attention enough to realize they were still following me, I suppose I should consider reminding everyone that I still exist, specifically the 559 people who I don’t follow, even though they follow me.

That’s some not paying attention for your ass right there.

While I do feel compelled to remain engaged with those followers, the thought of actually tweeting again is pretty much a non-starter. Plus, given how Elon Musk keeps screwing around with how Twitter APIs work, cross-posting between the Bird Site and Mastodon, my current personal social media home, means that I’ve have to do a lot of work for something that really isn’t worth it.

So here I am on this Web site I’ve owned since 2006 (and under the current name since 2014), I might as well use it for something, since obviously all my followers either don’t know that I have this site for my books or stopped caring that it existed.

Well, it does, and unlike Substack, which has too many weird pundits on it, and that sadfest known as Medium, I control this platform, plus I can send links of my latest posts to Mastodon and the Bird Site without having to choose. As master content marketer Joe Pulizzi has said constantly, you don’t want to build your content house on rented land, and I’ve always taken that to heart.

And with that, here’s the first of what used to be The Quest (which ended for me years ago) and is now, quite simply, No Replies. Because if you’re reading this on the Bird Site and feel some type of way about it, good luck replying, because I probably won’t see it.

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