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I Don’t Have an Audience Anymore?

My last post, which was about two months ago, reflected on the 15 years that has passed since the release of my novel, Flagrant Foul.

Three people read that post.

I have long determined that whatever influence I had on Twitter (which is now inexplicably named X) had fallen by the wayside, and the people that remained following me on that site by and large gave up on Twitter/X themselves or have no interest in hearing what I say anymore.

That’s fine, I thought, because my waning influence on the former Bird Site was an process of intentionally reducing how much I posted, as evidenced by the span from November 2022 to early March 2023 where I didn’t tweet at all. Part of that was because I have a real problem with contributing content to bolster the prospects of someone who doesn’t deserve it. Also, though, much of what I’ve posted in recent years (which I’ve lamented here previously) has been pretty unoriginal, making me think that I don’t really contribute to the conversation with my drivel anymore.

So, as I’ve mentioned previously, I decided the branch out on social media. I’ve been on Mastodon for several years. I joined Spoutible. I kissed and made up with Instagram, plus joined their Threads off-shoot; a move that I would have considered a no-go as recently as four years again, when I bailed from IG the first time.

With new worlds to explore and the potential to reconnect with some of the Twitter/X followers who bailed, plus connecting with new faces, I made a conscious decision to direct my content, be it posts here or personal podcasts, in those directions.

And I still ended up with only three people reading my last post here.

Is it because Spoutible too new and political?

Is it because Mastodon is too nerdy?

Or is it because, truly, nobody gives a shit about what I have to say anymore?

Honestly, I don’t know if that really bugs me or not. I mean, if I was planning to produce more content on this site (like maybe chapters of a new sci-fi story I’ve been working on), it absolutely should bug me. At the same time, does it really matter to me if I’m essentially talking to myself? It never did in the past, so why should it now?

In any event, as I move into some new projects (like that story I just mentioned), I’m likely going to go with my latter thought and let it rip. So watch this space, the couple of people who do read this. Business here may pick up a little.

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